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Apr 27, 2021 - Posted by Assignment Review

Excuses for Not Doing Homework

In this age of technology, as more and more assignments are being completed online, excuses for not doing homework, at least every once in a while, can always be blamed on a technology fail – our power went out; we lost our Wi-Fi connection; my computer crashed. If you use them too much, however, you will lose all credibility. So you do need to have some other plausible (or not) excuses for not doing homework for all of those other times. Here are some serious plausible excuses and then some humorous ones, just in case you have an instructor with a sense of humor.

When you need a serious excuse for not doing homework

  • I was sick last night and fell asleep before I could get any of my homework done.
  • My dog got hit by a car and I had to take him to the emergency vet clinic. It took 4 hours and we didn’t get home until after midnight
  • I have a new puppy and he chewed it up.
  • I left it right on my desk (or table etc.) and forgot it – I’ll bring it in first thing tomorrow
  • My little brother (or nephew, niece, etc.) started playing on my computer and accidentally deleted it
  • We had a small house fire and we couldn’t get back in. My computer was in the house
  • My grandmother was taken to the hospital, and I had to spend the entire evening there with her.
  • My roommate must have picked it up by mistake and taken it with him/her. I’ll get it tonight and bring it in tomorrow morning.

When you want a funny excuse because your instructor/professor has a sense of humor.

Here are some of the funniest excuses that instructors have been given over the years

  • Aliens came in and took it for a sample of our language
  • My room is haunted, and I had to have an exorcism last night
  • I printed it out but then got confused and thought it was my letter to my grandmother. I mailed it on my way to school today.
  • I got so wrapped up in a book about Mother Teresa’s life that I forgot all about it.
  • Last night was my turn to volunteer at the homeless shelter so I couldn’t get it done
  • Last night I had choir practice at church that went very late because we are getting ready for a big evangelical concert
  • I had it ready to go, but my pet alligator peed on it
  • My roommate was not home to do it for me last night
  • I stopped to help an old lady who had dropped her bag, and it blew away
  • I gave it to a homeless man to help insulate his cardboard box
  • My hamster got out and chewed it up to make a nest
  • We were out of toilet paper and my roommate used it
  • I had to wait for my friend to come with the bail money, and it was just too late to get it done by the time I got home
  • The FBI confiscated it as I was entering the building. They thought it might be evidence
  • I was auditioning for American Idol last night
  • I couldn’t get the outline done because my keyboard doesn’t have Roman numerals
  • My roommate go mad at me and deleted it
  • The FBI knocked down my door and confiscated my computer

You probably have many more that you have used over the years. Unfortunately, unless an instructor wants a hard copy, finding good excuses for not doing homework is becoming more and more difficult. Your computer can crash only so many times; the same goes for power outages and loss of Internet connection. Students are going to have to get more creative from now on.

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