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Apr 27, 2021 - Posted by Assignment Review

Best College Pranks Ever

Whenever young people are gathered in large numbers, there is always the potential for pranks on one another. In college, young people are not just gathered together for short periods of time. They actually live together in dormitories. Dorm pranks are then a given. Over time, some pranks have achieved national recognition, usually because of social media, and there are now lists circulating of the best college pranks. Here are a few of them.

The Messy Roommate

Make a statement to that messy roommate without actually getting angry. If there are items constantly left on tables, in the bathroom, and on the floor, gather them all up at a time when your roommate will be gone for a while. If necessary, enlist the help of some friends. Get a tall chair or step ladder and some duct tape. Tape all of the clutter to the ceiling.

The Best Birthday Prank

This is one of the best college dorm pranks ever because it does not harm anything. You can actually carry out this prank at any time. You will need to pick a time when your roommate will be gone for a while – perhaps home for the weekend. Purchase some cheap wrapping from the local dollar store. Wrap absolutely everything in his/her room – the bed, the desk, the lamps, the books and other materials, personal items, computer, shoes – everything. Sing Happy Birthday to your roomie when s/he returns, even if it is not a birthday at all.

The Food Thief

Some roommates are notorious for eating snacks that are not theirs, always promising to pay back. Here is a cure that may not be very nice, but will make your point. Get a couple of great looking apples at the store. Get a disposable syringe from a med student, fill it with alcohol and inject those wonderful looking apples. Your roommates first few bites is all it will take.

Double-Dip the Prank with Popcorn

When your roommate leaves town for a weekend, get some friends to help out with their microwaves and pop up a huge amount of that cheap popcorn from the dollar store. Fill your roommate’s bedroom with it. A note here: use the non-buttered type – you don’t want grease stains. After the prank, don’t waste the popcorn. Gather it up in bags and spread it all over the lawn around your dorm. The birds and squirrels will love you for it, although the lawn guys probably won't

The Soda Can Sculpture

This is one of the better dorm room pranks. If you have a roommate who continually leaves drink cans around, collect those can for a few weeks. When you have a great stockpile, get some superglue and make a sculpture with them. Then, glue that sculpture to his/her desk. You can inform him/her later that nail polish remover will dissolve superglue.

A Prank for Those Who Stay Up Late or Rise Really Early

Dorms finally become quiet about 2:00 am during the week, and they are also very quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you have friends in two adjacent rooms, get a long piece of twine and tie their doorknobs together. It really is funny to watch when they wake up!

Post-It Notes

Every dorm has one – the kid who is really full of him/herself, who has plenty of money, a great car, and really thinks of him/herself as a bit superior to the “regular” people. You and your friends can spend several weeks buying post-it notes – the really small ones. Then, when Mr. or Ms. “better than you” is in for the night, have a post-it note party all over his/her car. It won’t harm a thing but getting them all off takes a while.

Pranks are as much a part of college life as anything else. This list is good, because there is no permanent damage – just plenty of inconvenience.

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